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kyuubikid213 wrote:

I know exactly what you mean! I got Swapnote and I think I have drawn on that more in the one week I have owned it as opposed to the four months I have had Inchworm!

Lookin' forward to Flipnote Memo, though. I hope we get an option where we can upload finished flipnotes straigt to the internet and view other's flipnotes...

I don't know about you, but I find it really easy to get creative with swapnote even though it severely limits your options.
Heck, I feel that my doodles on swapnote are even better than those on Inchworm! It probably has something to do with knowing that you're sending pictures to someone, and not just having them sit around in your 3DS's memory.

When Memo comes out... I don't know... It'll be hard to decide whether I use that or Colors 3D as my primary drawing application.

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STILL no word about it 10 months after the 3DS's launch. Flipnote Studio was so fun too...

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I know this has probably been asked before, but I'm too lazy to look at the past pages.

Anyways, Is swapnote the new "flipnote"? It has some simliarities, so I wasn't sure.

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