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Topic: Finally: Homebrew on the 3DS!

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^That's not even possible with the description of this app, because for an app like this, Nintendo would make sure that it's tested so it can't be exploited easily.

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^well then it's even better!!!(don't want hackers invading the 3DS)

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i cant find any information about that on the linked site. the newest post is about tappingo

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

i cant find any information about that on the linked site. the newest post is about tappingo

I don't see it either.

EDIT: Direct link to his post on his blog - http://goodbyegalaxygames.blogspot.nl/2013/02/homebrew-on-nin...

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I would rather have what the Wonderswan had. (Don't think that had any effect on piracy) - No interest in spending $2500 on a dev kit that I might end up doing nothing that I think is good enough in the end. The functionality the xbox 360 had as a dev kit didn't have any effect whatsoever on enabling piracy of commercial stuff so Nintendo should be capable of doing something similar.

"WonderWitch: A game development kit including a reprogrammable WonderSwan game cartridge, MS Windows-based C Programing compiler, and a serial cable to connect a WonderSwan to a PC."

Only homebrew that potentially interests me is region free cartridges. Perhaps the possibility to buy from the Japanese eshop (And keep it working).

And some type of hack for Streetpass. (I have no interest in it but unlocking certain things in games requires it).

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