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CerealKiller528 wrote:

Like Pushmo, Crashmo will feature a built-in puzzle editor and allow players to share their creations online. Crashmo will come to the North American Nintendo eShop on November 22nd. The game will release as Fallblox in Europe sometime in November.

So does this mean that this will have an online sharing feature?

Yeah that's what I was wondering as well. Hopefully it'll have the Nintendo Network logo somewhere in the description of the game in the e-shop like other wifi games.

I defently enjoyed pushmo but defently thought it could seriously do better with online capabilities. Does anyone know if crashmo will have streetpass as well?

Thank's in advance!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

I don't know for sure about the street pass. I think we'll get more news on Crashmo in the Nintendo Direct tomorrow.

P.S. Did you have flipnote hatena? The username Rugrats777 sounds awfully familiar.

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.



Yeah Rugrats777 was my old username on flipnote I was in the popular category of user's on there at the time before I quit. I was the one with 900 flipnotes lol have christian flipnotes half cartoon flipnotes. Had a fall out with nintendo at the time though about what could & couldn't be posted mainly was the cartoon's nintendo had a problem with because of the copyright stuff. I wasn't sure at the time & just went about my way playing on there after a while people kept reporting my flipnotes & that was one of many other reason's why I quit plus it caused our computer to crash because of the hatena website.

I did make alot of great friends on flipnote & loved the app for a while but will never dl the app again on the 3ds because of the crashing our computer thing just to risky for my taste.

Which user were you on flipnote?

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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