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SigourneyBeaver wrote:

I can't seem to turbo.

Glad I'm not the only one! I've tried setting it both to the B and R buttons, but nothing happens.

Is this a glitch, or would someone please explain the right way to do it?

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Figured it out. I was holding the turbo button at the same time as accelerate. You've got to hold the turbo button on its own! LOL!

Sigourney Beaver.


Oh man! I've been having so much fun with this game! I've made tons of fun tracks and I've spent like an hour just messing with the depth slider

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@pixelman Nevermind I found an option section in Excitebike 3D. Apparently the 3d was only set at the middle level even though my 3D slider was maxed.

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iphys wrote:

I don't think the touchscreen does anything in this game, because I keep making the mistake of tapping it only to realize I should hit the A button. At first I thought it was just lazy, but maybe they did it on purpose because it's a retro game.

Yeah the DSiware Dr.Mario game was done by the same team and that doesnt utilise the touchscreen either. I think it is to give it a truely retro feel.

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TheSolarKnight wrote:

@pixelman Nevermind I found an option section in Excitebike 3D. Apparently the 3d was only set at the middle level even though my 3D slider was maxed.

They're oddly two different options the game... likely since the 3D slider does more than just increase the 3D, as it literally pulls back the camera.



It's a good game. Pretty short but it was a NES launch title so that should be expected. The track editor is probably the best part of it. The 3D effect is pretty cool too. Thankfully it's free for right now because $6 is a little too expensive for a game like this.

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I was never exactly crazy over the Nes original back in the day, mind you i just never really gave it a chance as racing wasn't exactly my thang' and the same thing goes for Rad Racer. Yet here comes Excite Bike 3D(and for free!), and after spending around 2 hours of it, almost mastering the controls and the like I'm pretty impressed, it's pretty damn enjoyable!

Anybody going into it make sure you pump up the 3D in the option menu to the max. As for the 3D effect itself it's quite impressive...But to fully appreciate it i'd recommend playing the game a couple of minutes in 2D, then slide the 3D slider to 3D and be prepared to be Wowed hehe. It makes all the difference and it's really unique seeing an NES game sporting 3D technology. I'm sure nobody was creaming their ghostbuster PJ's when Excite Bike 3D was announced, but just imagine the possibilites with Nintendo's Key franchises.

Anyways, Excite Bikes 3D is at it's best during Stage 5 where the 3D is the most noticable and rich due to the stages color scheme, at least that's what i found.

Anyways, This game's got some crazy skill involved, and I love racing against the other bikers....But holly hell does it get annoying when they get in your way and touch you causing you to twirl off your bike while they all zoom ahead of you.
If anything, there's one big gripe I have with Excite Bike, and that's the complete lack of in-game music. It makes the game feel real dated, then again it was one of the early early Nes titles to hit the market, but still there's no excuse.... It would of obviously been much better with some bleepy up beat 8-bit tunes. That's where Excite Bike hasn't aged well, there's no music aside from the catchy memorable micro short theme song.

Anyways, this has actually got me a little interested in the newer ExciteBike for WiiWare.

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