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Topic: Europe getting Cave Story and NightSky this month?

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:O Nicalis released NightSky in Australia at the same time as Europe! I am very impressed.

@BenjaminRosa it's probably due to licensing issues more than anything.

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I can't download anything at the moment because I'm not near a compatible wireless router for my 3DS XL to connect to, but I may download this when I get the next chance, but only if it results in all PAL regions finally getting Cave Story, I have been at Nicalis to the teeth about it for two years at least now. They've been poor at communication for an indie and I've heard better coming from a regular iOS dev when it comes to news and confirmation. Did you know Cave Story was meant to be out on the eShop early Q4 back in 2012? I heard recently though there was bugs and fixes they needed to apply before releasing it, but they didn't announce those problems and the delay on twitter, and that's just really poor. I realise they're a dev trying to localise for a small market, but they were making promises they've obviously not been able to keep up until now.

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Magikarp wrote:

@BenjaminRosa it's probably due to licensing issues more than anything.

I don't think the certification and licensing for a game in Europe and Australia is so different from USA's certificiation they last SIX MOTNHS for Cave Story with no aditional languajes nor features aside the patchs of the american version.

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