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Hello everyone,

I want to buy a 3DS XL. After reading about it I have found out about region locking. I live in Europe and am in holiday in the US and nearly bought it, but on the way back I think I will buy it in Turkey, as I live in Montenegro and they do not sell it in Montenegro. Will I need a Turkish credit card to buy games from the internet as I will be primarily using that? Can I use a montenegrin credit card if I bought the 3Ds in Turky??



You can also buy some prepaid cards. So you wont have the need for a creditcard
But I think it will work otherwise order some prepaid codes online



You can change the country of the console to any within the region (for example if you have a pal 3DS you can change it to any 3DS country) I know the U.S. Eshop doesn't work without a USA credit card but apparently other eshops work with any credit card. Someone from the European region should be able to confirm whether any of all of the European shops work with any card

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My 3DS has been imported from Bulgaria and I live in Macedonia.
When I use the eShop, I buy with my Macedonian Visa (Electron) card and I have no problems with that.

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You can buy European eShop cards online from
I've done it before, It works really well, you get the codes within 10 minutes after purchase. Also, you don't need a credit card there. Have fun!

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DePapier wrote:

I'm quite sure any credit card can work. As long as you have the Internet, you buy the games of your eShop region anywhere.

As someone who has downloaded content to their 3DS outside their native region, I can confirm your second statement, but not your first. I'm not certain you could use, for example, an American credit card with a PAL 3DS.

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