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What demos do you want to see in the Eshop in the future? Don't forget theres a demo in the eshop today too!

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Paper Mario the only demo i'm looking forward to

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I want the Snake Eater demo, as well as an Uprising demo. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy either of those games, but a demo might help me decide.

Paper Mario’s an insta-buy, so no demo needed for me

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Snake Eater would be nice, as I'm not sold on it yet.
I'd also like demos of all the major first party titles, but that's more just so I get a chance to play it early as I'm already planning to purchase pretty much all of them.


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I'd like a Snake Eater demo as well (and yes I realize we are getting one). I don't know if it can really take the transfer from console to handheld as well as other games have. All I know is that unlike in RE where some people prefer to not play with a second stick, it will pretty much be mandatory in this. A Kid Icarus demo would be nice too. Just to make sure it's worth it.

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An uprising demo would be just the thing nintendo needs to win me over. I am on the fence and i can just imagine the reviews being very diverse. If i could play a demo i would feel more convinced. Also if they make sure the demo is incredible, even if the game is just ok, they could win over quite a few people, which is good for them.

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That one Animal Crossing 3DS game. Even though I don't know how they would pull that off.

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Smash Bros. 4

Or how about games shown at this upcoming E3?



Every digital and retail game that has been, and will be released. Do what Microsoft and Sony do. And get rid of the stupid 30 plays limit.

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I would love me a Snake Eater demo. Plus I heard that there's going to be a Rayman Origins demo. Even though I own the console version already, I'm really looking forward to trying that out!

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LordTendoboy wrote:

Every digital and retail game that has been, and will be released. Do what Microsoft and Sony do. And get rid of the stupid 30 plays limit.

30 plays is plenty enough.

And you sure are demanding for these demos.

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I want a demo of pacman and galaga dimensions, cave story 3d (well, not really, I know that it's an awesome game), that blayzblue fighting game (looks cool), Super pokemon rumble, sonic generations, starfox, steel diver, pilotwings, super monkey ball and that sudoku game. wow, what a long list...


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I just want more demos that use my...
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I would like a demo of,"Dead or Alive Dimensions","Super Street Fighter 4" and "Star Fox" just to see the difference between the N64 game and the 3DS version.

i know the 2 fighting games i mentioned are probably great,but i want to know which to buy first.


Sonic Generations,i have it it's really good,but if your thinking of buying it,wait for the price to drop,it's a tad bit on the short side(and personally i would have added Aquarium Park,Planet Wisp and Ice Cap Zone).

The Bayzblue fighter,if you mean the one on the e Shop,i bought it yesterday,totally ignoring the score Nintendo Life gave it,i regret it entirely,don't get it :/

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I think they should give the VC games a "demo" options, it will let you play each game for 4 minutes (like the Super Smash Bros. masterpieces) with a limit of 10 play times each game.


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Gonna post my picks (which is basically everything I'm interested in getting):
3DS Retail - CRUSH 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, Rayman Origins, Pokémon Rumble Blast, Shifting World
3DS Downloads - Mighty Switch Force!, Pyramids, Sakura Samurai, Lock 'N Chase
DSiWare (I can dream, can't I?) - Doodle Fit, Gaia's Moon, Mighty Milky Way, Roller Angels

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Hmm, I'm not set yet on Kid Icarus, Rayman Origins and Heroes of Ruin so those three please
I know they've already confirmed there is going to be one for Rayman so just the other two left.



Pushmo/Pullblox should have a demo version. Demo could include tutorials, some carefully picked levels so there's many easy ones but also some hard ones. Then there's an option to try making a level and scanning a QR code but they should be somehow limited, maybe 5 tries with both so you can't just scan all the levels you want. And an ability to save would be nice for this big demo.
I'm sure that this kind of demo would make more people buy it.

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I want to see every current and future 3DSware game have a demo. There's little excuse in this day and age for them not to have them.



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