Topic: Ecco the Dolphin 3D shown in fresh 3DS footage

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this is the 3d classic I'm looking the most forward to, hope it makes it to the west

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I just got it last week. It has a few issues that are annoying me a bit, and some of those are problems that existed in the original game, but overall I'm glad to have it on my 3DS.

BTW, and I've said this before, the SEGA games are not part of the "3D Classics" label. They're just updated Genesis/Master System games for the e-shop. The 3D Classics was part of a series, and these are not in that group. There's even a special part of the Nintendo e-shop website for those games, and the SEGA games aren't on that page.

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Ristar, Ranger-X, and Gunstar Heroes would look incredible with 3D.

I hope this line continues. (I'm still not sure why they haven't done OutRun yet)

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Any new content to justify a purchase?

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Chrono_Crossing wrote:

Any new content to justify a purchase?

If by new content you mean anything that the Wii VC version didn't have? Not really...the 3D isn't anything special (it actually took me a good 30-45 seconds of switching back and forth to see the difference, its basically like having two separate 2D planes on the screen, its very slight), there is a save anything feature, and the option of playing the Japanese version or the international version (both are in Japanese in my copy). There are only slight differences between those two versions; the Japanese version has an extra level (The Stomach) that plays near the end if you get eaten by the Alien Queen, and the crystals act as checkpoints.

Other than that there is nothing new.

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Mother 3 fan. It's an amazing game. 糸井さん、こんな素敵なゲームを作ってくれてありがとう!


There's a "Super Dolphin" mode that makes you invincible (infinite oxygen + health) so that you can focus all of your efforts on exploring and solving the game's puzzles.



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