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Ok, so I'm out of space on my SD card, and now I'm going to get a new SD card soon. My problem is that I want to move 1 game to the new SD card. (It takes up a LOT of SD card space.) I do not have a computer though, so I cannot move it. My question is, can I delete this game, and redownload it on the new SD card for free? And if I do, will my progress in the game be erased, or also transferred to the new SD Card?

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I'm not 100% sure about your save data, but yes, you can delete it and redownload to the new SD card. It's still the same 3DS and eShop account, so it shouldn't be a problem. Let me know how it goes.



Also, it WILL delete your data for the game, but that's all it does.

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@3DSonicPizza If you don't care about the save data then just do that.
Otherwise, surely you can get access to someone's computer somewhere for a few minutes.

Are you just using the 2GB card that came with the system?
I have a 16GB card in mine and I've downloaded a lot of games, but still have a ton of space.


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How do you move it with a computer? I just bought a bigger SD card and assumed I would be losing all my save data for anything I transferred. Could someone tell me how to avoid losing the data using a computer?

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(b) if you have a larger SD card and you want to transfer all your stuff from the smaller one via a computer, just copy the contents of the entire SD card to a folder on your computer, then pop in the new SD card and copy all the contents of the folder you just made to the new SD card. it'll be fine. :3

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Ah, thank you kindly, blackdragon. I've never done anything with SD cards before.

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