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I have a question I probably want be downloading the month feb from the 3ds e-shop because the two titles I really want aren't released til march Rythm Hunter Harmo Knight & Luigi's Mansion 2 - 3ds.

My question is though how long can an e-shop account sit for with getting frozen. Nintendo mentioned this issue when the 3ds was released but I try to keep my e-shop account relatively active because I don't want my money frozen in the e-shop on the same note though I also don't want to buy any title just to keep the e-shop from freezing.

Any suggestions...

I'll be calling nintendo later today to ask about this problem & will hopefully have a good response.



Just called nintendo they said not to worry about it unless the 3ds is stolen & to write down the serial number to have as a back up if the case. Thanks & yeah I remember hearing about that about the black screen of death thing..

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I'm pretty sure Nintendo doesn't freeze your eShop account due to inactivity... i've let mine sit for months at a stretch with no problems.

that said, they may have been talking about 'freezing' as an issue back when the 3DS was first released because it was an issue — people were having their 3DSes freeze on them or throw the Black Screen of Death all the time, or at least that's what people flipping out about it on the forums were saying, lol. i don't remember Nintendo ever officially acknowledging it, though...? either way, i'm sure they'll be able to answer your question later. Have fun!

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