Topic: DSiWare games that should have a 3DS/3DSWare sequel/remake

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Firejonie wrote:

Earthworm Jim, it was a DSiWare title but needed a little improving. It would be like the HD versions on PS3 and the 360 ( except without the HD). The three extra levels, smoother sprites, 3D, online play, local play and some sort of 3DS exclusive feature.

If they remake Earthworm Jim, they should also give Earthworm Jim 2 the same treatment, even though it's not on DSiware.


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PicDun and Crystal Monsters

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MikeDanger1 wrote:

PicDun and Crystal Monsters

Picdun is getting an eShop sequel. In fact, it's comming out this thursday (U.S.) according to NL.


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Petit Computer, assuming it's at all feasible to make 3D games with BASIC. If nothing else it would be cool to be able to have 2D layers at different depths, as I'm finding the backgrounds kind of distracting in some of the shooters people have made.

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Mario vs. DK: Minis March again. I know theres been a lot of them, but ill never get tired of that game and the newer DS one.



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