Topic: DSiWare games that should have a 3DS/3DSWare sequel/remake

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rayword45 wrote:

I'd also like to mention these now

99Bullets: If only because the original lacked online scoreboards and a randomly generated mode.
AiRace (Only played Tunnel): The tunnel theme would work on 3DS, although I think there are already fairly similar games (may be wrong)
Flipper: The graphics (in the same isometric art style) would be phenomenal in 3D, but therein lies the problem of the touch-based controls.
Flametail (Or MaBoShi, actually): It could be like the WW original (although I wasn't huge on that) but it MUST have download/online play, or they could flesh out the other 2 games and include it in one single player package.

MrArcade wrote:

The Game & Watch series.


Is this a joke or not? I honestly can't tell because I CAN see subtle 3D working to make it seem more LCD-like, but that's so minor I doubt it would make a difference.

Im not kidding.


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I would like sequels for:

-Learning/Playing Piano
-AiRace: Tunnel (it would look awesome in 3D and with more stages)
-Fishing Resort
-Hello Flowerz
-101 Pets
-Game and Watch series (the ones they haven't released yet)
-Escape Trick
-Hot and Cold
-Car Jack Streets?

As much as I'd love a 3DS version of plants vs zombies, I don't think I want to complete the game for the 60th time. And I don't think they'll make a sequel for it any time soon so I didn't add it to the list.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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I will second Pop Island. A Pop Island 3D would be great.


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No one else said anything so I guess I will.
Both DSiWare and WiiWare got this so come on Nintendo...
Where's our Art Style Series?
And also Airport Mania..

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I don't think Airport Mania would work with the touchscreen controls, unless they get that camera-based stylus thing working so that we could do it in 3D on the top screen.

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I'm also surprised no one brought up Bomberman..



Need for Speed Nitro X. It should be remade or sequelled. And that ferrari racing game. didnt play either, but they would be worth my time if they were made into 3ds games. digital controls on racing games dont really transfer onto the analog circle pad to well. makes your controlling feel really clunky and gross.

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Gonna mention X-Scape again, simply because I can not fathom this enough. GIVE ME A FREAKIN SEQUEL. Although half of me wants it to be retail to see how much they could flesh it out (considering they managed to pack a lot of content in around 16 MB).

Mighty Flip Champs could use some more levels, though I'd be perfectly content with what was given in the original.

The other Q-Games titles (Trajectile, Starship Defense) and AlphaBounce would also be nice, but I can't see the 3D effect adding much, and all of those were already loaded with content.

I'd also like to see some Art Style in there, especially Soundvoyager from the original Bit generations games.

ZeekyInc wrote:

I'm also surprised no one brought up Bomberman..

I think that'll end up on 3DS either way, so it doesn't need to be mentioned

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I think Flip the Core should have started out on the 3DS Eshop. The flipping mechanic would be very well suited to 3D.

It reeeeeeaaaaaly wouldn't.



bezerker99 wrote:

Digger Dan!


That $20 is in the post....

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I totally forgot about AiRace. I had been considering getting it up until I realized the 3DS was coming out, and then it didn't really make sense to buy a game that I would just wish had been in 3D.

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@iphys Yeah, I forgot about it too, until I entered this thread and saw AiRace and I remembered that QubicGames announced a new AiRace game for the 3DS. I can't wait for it to appear on the eShop, it's going to be so flippin' awesome, I can just tell.

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Pop Island - 3D sequel
A Kappa's Trail - 3D sequel
Shantae - 3D update
Touch Solitaire - sequel (3D not necessary)
Spotto - 3D sequel

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Photo Dojo and AuraAura Climber would be cool. Photo Dojo's sequel can use Miis as the fighters while including different blank arena structures and have more variety for a single player experience including a COM VS mode. As for Climber 2, make use of the Pheonix star form shown at the end and have stylus controls for aiming at grapple points. AuraAura Climber would shoot at them then rocket forward, and I would include more enemies along with a fiery spin attack for AuraAura. Bosses would be cool too.

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Earthworm Jim, it was a DSiWare title but needed a little improving. It would be like the HD versions on PS3 and the 360 ( except without the HD). The three extra levels, smoother sprites, 3D, online play, local play and some sort of 3DS exclusive feature. I'd also really like to see Photo Dojo, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, Pictobits and Dr.Mario sequels on the eShop too.

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