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this is a great game. I own it on my 3DS. it's casual yet challenging.
I am stuck on the Airplane (6-6). I can't seem to get Mario to spin on the diagonal tightrope.
is cradling the D-pad (the circle pad is too sensitive) diagonally up/left then down/right the only way to get him to spin?
I've done it accidentally but not quickly.
could someone please let me know if there is something I'm not doing with the controls that could make this spinning jump maneuver possible.
or if it is a tragic design flaw.

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@KodyWB-98 Thanks! I was curious how to post links for the 3DS VC. I kept on trying the url, but I was using 3ds_virtual_console instead

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o ok thanks guys. sorry for posting in the wrong place.

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