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Topic: Does anyone have problems with the Eshop Locking up and Forcing system Restart?

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Actually, I think the reason you aren't crashing is because they fixed it with the weekly Thursday content update. I just tried it and used nothing but system buttons and didn't crash. Before today I could crash the eShop in seconds flat.

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Sometimes my e-shop crashes or freezes but it's never restarted the entire system. I have a 3dsXL

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Windy wrote:

OK guys I think I have this figured out give it a try. Do not use system buttons to click back from categories or Videos. Instead use the touch screen only to browse the Eshop. I just browsed the Eshop for 40 minutes no errors or freeze ups. Try that out and see if it works for you until the next update

Just tried it out, and it works!

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This has happened to me only once. Bought something but the download got screwed up then it locked up restarted. Went back to the eshop and then it worked. (I only go on it when I want to buy something as it is so unwieldy to browse).

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It's fixed since this past weeks store update no more freezes

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Actually, it just happened to me this morning.

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This sill happens to me a lot. Both on my original 3DS and 2DS.

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only happened once but it was in october 27(looked my post in this thread XD )
but again since I got MH3U(that memory hog took almost my whole 2GB SD card) I stopped using Eshop all that much. now I only enter to redownload a small game after deleting other

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Ka-boom. I was watching the escapeVektor video in the eShop and BOOM. System reboot.

Nintendo needs to fix these eShop bugs!

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