Topic: Do you think Angry Birds should be available in the Nintendo Eshop?

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Angry birds... who needs that on a console, it's not worth the memory.


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I don't see why not, I'm sure some one would love to play it in 3D. Of course as soon as it's released all we will here is how overpriced it is compared to the ios version.


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Because of the 3D, Angry Birds on 3DSware would be the best version of them all in my opinion, so it's not really a bad idea. A free demo and for 200 points, they should have done it already when you think about it.

Not only does the 3DS come with an SD card, but it also happens to come pre-installed with one, additional dimension.


iPancakez wrote:

Angry Birds is only big because of the hardware it is on and the type of people that use it. It is NOT that good of a game and wouldn't be half as successful if it was on any other platform.

It's fun when people say crap without actually having proof to back it up.

The PlayStation Network Minis version of Angry Birds is one of the platform's best sellers.

As for how good it is. Well, you might think you're cool to have an opinion that's different to a few million people, but that's the the problem with opinions. People mistake them for being legitimate statements when they're making them.

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Angry Birds rules! It's tough as nails and I'll sit for hours stuck on a few levels until I beat them with 2-3 stars.

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angry birds was more popular last year but if they did it then it would be great



I think Angry Birds is way overrated

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