Topic: Do you think 3ds ware games are overpriced?

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Ive seen some that have the pricing of 6 dollars do you think this is over priced considering you could play some classic nes and gameboy games on emulators?

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Six? Sounds familiar. As if that's how many topics you have made in the last six minutes.

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6 dollars is not expensive in the year 2012.

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Umm some are more than $6. Mutant Mudds, Rolling Western just to name a couple and that other like police platformer i forget the name of. Generally no I don't think so. Mutant Mudds is a bit to me, but only because I find the game boring, but to others its very much worth it. The visuals and length I feel are appropriate for the price.



If they're good and have an appropriate length, no.
If they suck and/or are short in length, then yes.

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"No, with £9 being the highest cost to spend on a game I don't see the problem especially with retail games costing around £30, which is still a reasonable price." - Anybody with common sense.




Smh. Hey somehow most of the app stores top selling apps are above $10 or have in app purchases.

And no 3dsware isn't overpriced.


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Depends... I bought Lets Golf, Touch Minigolf, Zen Pinball and Pullblox - and I dont think they are too pricy because they are cheap considering games in Denmark are generally very expensive at £35 for a new game...

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Mryokokurama1 wrote:

Ive seen some that have the pricing of 6 dollars do you think this is over priced considering you could play some classic nes and gameboy games on emulators?

No. NES/Gameboy titles generally aren't as advanced as 3DSWare, and cost more than 6 dollars when they originally came out.



for the most part I do think they are generally overpriced to be honest but bringing in emulators is hardly a fair comparison since they are free though legally dodgey, if you want the games legit like many of us do then eshop does a decent enough job the odd sale wouldn't hurt though.



Not at all. Mutant Mudds in particalur has brought me more enjoyment than many games I own on my consoles and handhelds, and the sweet thing is that it's less than a quarter of the price of 3DS retail games ($8.99 vs. $39.99). If anything, it's the retail games for consoles and handhelds that are overpriced.

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A little pricey, yes. But not by much. They could shave about 10-20% off these prices and still make a huge profit, but it's Nintendo, it's premium delivered content, so in the year 2012 what do you expect? I do think they could stand to drop the prices just a bit though.

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You should also have asked of those who say 'no, they're not over priced...', are they working or employed or does someone else pay for them. We only value the money we earn most and that given us far less I feel may are over priced however cost to value ratio is highly subjective. and personalised. Besides that, money is only a forum for an exchange of values so again, subjective and personal.

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JarvanZheitk wrote:

"Yes! I demand that all games downloadable and retail should be 69p!" - Apple Fanboy

Uh no. There's a couple of good games at $0.99 on the App store. A couple. Most of the good App store games are between $5 and $20 and people are more than happy to pay that for them.

I really get tired of people who have never spent time with the App store, or played one of the games for five minutes acting like they're an expert on the platform. The iPad is a superb gaming console, for games that are priced about the same as the best 3DS ware games.


That's iPad, not iPhone/ iPod Touch. I know many people who almost only buy games for $.99, $2.99 max. There are many high quality iPhone games on the App store, usually they're $6.99 but I don't know anyone who has them. That 99 cent mindset seems to be very common, at least from personal experience. People with iPad's usually are willing to spend more though.

As for the eShop, Sakura Samurai is worth $6.99, as is Pushmo. I can't really complain about the price when the quality is pretty high. The virtual console is a bit pricey though for most of its titles. The big games like Link's Awakening, Super Mario Land 2 and Donkey Kong '94 retain their values while others really shouldn't be much more than $.99. In the end though, I think everything worth having is priced just about right.



I do find myself sympathetic with a perceived development cost for a game, while also understanding that if an old VC game is still interesting, the value shouldn't be diminished only because of its age.

So for example, a 3D Classic remake may no seem like much work, but developers have expressed that it actually is considerable, to the point that they decided to stop doing 3D Classic remakes.

Original games, like Dillon's Rolling Western, Mutant Mudds, Zen Pinball 3D, etc....I don't object to the pricing. In general it's all around a few bucks cheaper than the WiiWare platform, for what most people would consider higher-production values. If you're only looking at this in terms of the App Store and it's prices, maybe you should be aware that it's abundance of $.99 prices is detrimental to most of the games and game makers on the service. It's nice as a consumer, and a "hit" can mean more profit potential than any downloadable platform on a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft platform, I'd guess. But, I find it hard to see a market that basically forces lower prices (App Store) as the reason to call prices on other markets too high.



SyFyTy wrote:

You should also have asked of those who say 'no, they're not over priced...', are they working or employed or does someone else pay for them.

I'm a full time employee, and personally invested $26.97 into Mutant Mudds (buying three copies: myself, two sisters). As I said before, I value Mutant Mudds higher than most of the videogames I do have, and had I known the extent of how great it is prior to buying, I would have gladly put down $49.99 for the title. He should also probably ask of those saying it's overpriced, which downloadable game library do they invest the most in and how often they invest in retail games.

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For the most part, no. Looking at the reviews and praise Pushmo has gotten, the $6.99 price tag is a steal. Mutant Mudds, Zen Pinball and others are also worth the price. The VC has good price points; SML 2 and Donkey Kong are well worth the 4 dollars, imo. Link's Awakening being a GBC color game is fairly priced.

Playing games through emulators on your computer just isn't the same.

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Nintendo been over pricing their games for years.
Whats new?

Its about time we all move on to iPad, and leave our Nintendo baby games behind.

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I don't object to them launching at the prices they do.

What I have a problem with is that they will NEVER drop in price. If I didn't want to buy a game for £7.20 when you launched it nintendo, why would I 12 months later?

Nintendo could rake in a lot more cash from me if they'd drop the prices of games over time or had something similar to steam sales, or some such other limited time offers.



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