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i was just wondering if i should get either denpa men or dillon. i have been wondering for a while and wanted to know your guy's opinions. the key points i'm wondering about are:
fun. does the gameplay get old? is there a variety of things to do? does the gameplay get stale?
value. is it worth the money? how many dungeons/towns are there? how long are they? any aftergame content?
replayability. how many times can i play the main story over again before getting utterly sick of it?
thanks for your help and time. i don't get money very often so this is an important question to me.

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I'd go for Denpa Men. There are 8 dungeons in the main story, and then 3 more after that (it should take you around 40 hours if you want to do everything, by far the most time you're likely to get from an eShop game. That length comes with the territory of being an RPG).

As for the gameplay? It's pretty basic as RPGs get battle wise (there's nothing special about the way the turn based battles play out, so it depends on how you feel about turn based battles). With that said, you can have a maximum of 8 people in your party at a time(which is quite large & rare for the genré), and the various elemental dungeons require you to keep on your toes by always making sure you have the best team for the situation. The AR function is used well, as you search around for Denpa Men to add to your party (some even rare), so it adds a Pokémon like element of "catching them all" to the formula (which would likely increase your playtime beyond the 40 hours, if you want to get them all). You can also share them via QR code.

It's probably not something you're likely to play again right after your done (so probably weak in the replayability department), but it's so long in the first place, that it'd take 2 or 3 playthroughs of any other eShop game to equal 1 playthrough of Denpa Men.


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We have our eShop Recommendations thread if you'd like to ask this question there, dogmaster312. Thank you! :3

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