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I have a $5 credit for the e-shop due to the Deluxe Digital Promotion on the Wii U. I want to use it on 4 specific games.

2 are on the Wii U and 2 are on the 3DS. I can't decide which one would be the best to get. I want/like them all, but as of now I can only get one. I am obviously leaning more toward 3DS which is why I'm posting on this board.

Wii U games
*Megaman X

3DS games
*Cave Story

Any suggestion will be helpful. If there are any criteria, I would like to get some good length of playtime. But I'm getting it cheap anyway, so it isn't that bad if the game only lasts a few hours. Thanks for any help.




I highly reccomend Steamworld Dig

I like tears.

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