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I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with insurance companies for dealing with a stolen 3DS with eShop games on it.

Do you think Club Nintendo's list of products that you have purchased would be sufficient to get the needed funds back to repurchase those titles? Nintendo doesn't list what you paid, but the product itself and if it is an eShop title it will state downloadable version.

Would matching the current prices to what you downloaded be enough for an insurance company to refund your lost games? Or would I have to keep a record of those receipts I get from Nintendo?

Any thoughts - my renters insurance covers this kind of stuff - just don't know what documentation I would need. I've heard Nintendo doesn't do much to help in the case of a stolen system.




I lost my old 3DS over a year and a half ago with five Eshop titles on it. Three of them were DSiWare and I also had BurgerTime and Super Mario Land 2. I didn't have a Club Nintendo so I couldn't do anything about it. It was only $20 anyway, and the only games that I would actually repurchase is the Super Mario Land 2 Game Boy titles and maybe the Minis March DSiWare game. However, I sure hope that I could get all of my games back if I lose my 3DS XL with $105 worth of games on it.

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Perhaps I should ask my agent what documentation I should be keeping for my digital purchases that aren't redownloadable



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