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A sand storm is occuring right? I don't expect to have a great visual of my surroundings in those elements. Also, if this is going for survival horror, which I hope and expect it will be, giving the player limited sight will help set up plenty of scaring opportunities and tense moments.

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@I-U Yes, I agree. But it was more than difficult to see through, it was annoying. Maybe a moving environment looks better in 3D as I saw still images. But instead of difficult in a good way, it goes way overboard. In my opinion.

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Just learned this game with be split up into three episodes...check it out:

I'm so excite for this FPS from Renegade Kid that I went to my local Gamestop and found Dementium II selling for $5. Had to buy it. It is really creepy with the music and environment. Glad I bought it as i see what kind of FPS Renegade Kid is keen on developing. Great game and hope Cult County is even better.

Give us more news Renegade Kid (Jools)...

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ah damn why episodes?

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I can only imagine that it's being broken down to make the price more attractive per release, rather than have a game that's say $39.99 which doesn't look all that great next to the other eShop exclusives (highest being $14.99?).

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Considering their former FPS games all lasted 5-6 hours, I'm hoping these episodes will actually be quite lengthy, maybe 3-4 hours each. Without a multiplayer mode it needs some length. Also in episodes please don't cost more then $10

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Ah great, so you are telling me that when it comes out we get episode 1 and then will have to wait for months for another episode? a survival mode will be needed very much for replay

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I also hope for some sort of connectivity, like bonus content for getting all three chapters.

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I was initially critical of the episodic release chosen for this games, but after reading the preview on NWR my fears are put to rest - each episode will be cheap and last 4 hours.



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