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Arkaein wrote:

mystman12 wrote:

So, has anyone else noticed that the update made it so the passengers don't stay on the cars and get in the way of the first person camera? Itt needs fixed, and it makes the game pretty much unplayable.

@mystman12 I just took a look at this, and see you are correct. We will have to post another update to correct this, but please remember it takes a while for updates to be approved by Nintendo.

I disagree that it makes the game unplayable. First of all, it only happens with 3D enabled, and only affects modes with riders. Track editing is not affected. Second, even when you can see your rider, he never fully blocks the view. For the most part, the rider's shoulders only cover a bit of the screen bottom unless you deliberately look down towards your lap, which usually isn't an interesting view in any case! Other camera modes are technically affected, but the visual impact of the bug is pretty minimal in these modes.

@ANGRYBALDMAN666 we are working on a European release. Stay tuned for details!

Okay, I guess you're right. I probably just said it was unplayable because I was upset. I'm glad to hear you're working on an update though!

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