Topic: Club Nintendo Fire Emblem/SMT IV $30 bonus credit can be added to Wii U eShop

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Just in case there was any doubt, even though it doesn't mention this when you get the reward and activation code via e-mail, you CAN add the funds to your Wii U eShop. I know this because I just tried it and now have an additional $30 in my eShop.

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iphys wrote:

The positive to spending it there is you get like another $3 back from the DDP if you have the Deluxe.

And then another $.30 from that, then another $.03 from that, than another $.003 from that ...

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Blah! I was thinking of trying that last night, but I didn't. I just added it to 3DS, since that's what it told me to do. I think I would rather have it on my WiiU, but at the same time, there's more stuff on 3DS that I want to get right now, with it. Great find though!

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It actually said you could add it to WiiU eshop in the instructions.


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Let's continue this on the other thread so that we don't have multiple threads on the eShop credit.

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