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Is this for real? There's no way this is for real. ... Is it?

Edit: It is.
Mind is blown.

Edit 2: Well, it actually doesn't seem to be a proper Chibi-Robo game. Still, mind is blown that they're doing something with it.

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If this was a retail game, I'd probably re-watch the trailer sadly, accept that it likely wouldn't come here and go back to pining over all the other Japan-only games that we're unlikely to play.

But since it's a first-party eShop-only title, I'm more optimistic about it eventually getting a Western release. I mean, if Nintendo was willing to publish something like Tokyo Crash Mobs in Europe and North America, I think this Chibi-Robo has a good shot.

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I saw the headline on Kotaku last night and got so excited... then saw it was an AR game I'm gonna go play the cube game again now.



It's neat and all but I wouldn't mind having a proper chibi robo game, this could of been some mini thing within the game, but alas it's not.

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