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Is this for real? There's no way this is for real. ... Is it?

Edit: It is.
Mind is blown.

Edit 2: Well, it actually doesn't seem to be a proper Chibi-Robo game. Still, mind is blown that they're doing something with it.

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If this was a retail game, I'd probably re-watch the trailer sadly, accept that it likely wouldn't come here and go back to pining over all the other Japan-only games that we're unlikely to play.

But since it's a first-party eShop-only title, I'm more optimistic about it eventually getting a Western release. I mean, if Nintendo was willing to publish something like Tokyo Crash Mobs in Europe and North America, I think this Chibi-Robo has a good shot.

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I saw the headline on Kotaku last night and got so excited... then saw it was an AR game I'm gonna go play the cube game again now.



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