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Chain blaster is space ship shooter like metal torrent, xevious, and galaga, but this game has a twist to it, you can shoot bombs and are trying to make chain combos instead of shooting randomly. From what I can tell the game has 2d sprites and has a 3d background, the game also has online ranking, other then that I don't know much else other then the fact that this game is made by G-style (who recently released Undead bowling to the west).
Japanese trailer:

Release date: 7/25/2013 NA

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I read there was going to be a demo. It says on the website.


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@Undead_terror I'd imagine that as the game gets harder you'll need to shoot regular lasers more often.
Still, the variety of the game concerns me a bit. From what I can tell, the game looks to not have much differentiation in its design or enemies, at least from what I can tell from trailers. I really want that in my shmups. I'll wait for a review. The demo was solid though, so if there is some good variety, I'll buy it.

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I agree with moomoo. The demo was a lot of fun, but everything I've seen looks very similar. The core concept is awesome, though, so I'm hoping this game has legs. I'll wait for a review.

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NintendoWorldReport gave the game a 7/10. The review confirmed some of my fears, that the game is very repetitive. Apparently, the enemies and bosses are always the same...the background doesn't even change. I think I'll wait for a possible price drop.

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Nobody even tries with shooters these days.

The two types I like are

Compile made ones like M.U.S.H.A / Spriggan / Spriggan MK2

The combination Shooter platformers like Magical Chase or Cotton 2 (Not bothered about the looks so much but they play like nothing else).

I am probably better at bullet hell shooters than the Compile ones but they are not as fun to play.

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Played the demo
Only 1 level........ It's good so far

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I played the demo twice, and it was really fun! (apparently the full game has online leaderboards, which could be fun).

Reminded me a lot of Galaga, which I love.

Also, the first time I played it there was one boss, but there were two of them during my second run. (is that normal)


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I asked someone how they felt about the game and this is what they said.
"The game is fun, better once you unlock the second ship. I don't know how worth it it is because the game is shallow and the second ship is only thing that seems to be unlockable, unfortunately, which I also managed to do during my first run (won't say how). My first playthrough lasted me around 45 minutes, with the difficulty very slowly building up and up. The thing is: enemies don't evolve. They just grow in number and aggressiveness, but again, this is a very slow process. If the game shrunk down the difficulty pace that I saw in 45 minutes down to maybe 15 or even less, I'd be more willing to recommend the title.

tl;dr - It is fun and I can see myself coming back, but it's too damn easy and thus, I'll intentionally die out of boredom before the enemy swarm can kill me enough times to give me a Game Over (the "Extend Every..." feature makes it too easy and you can't change it)."


It's a simple score-attack arcade-style game like the old school arcade games.

That's all you really need to know about it.

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