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So I'm a European gamer who is rather interested in Cave Story. I have never played it but would seriously like to. I know there's a lot of people who complain that there are already too many versions of this game out there, but when I heard there would be a 3ds eShop-based version coming out I was really looking forward to it. I love my 3ds and this seems like the type of game that would be very fitting to play on a handheld. The problem is.. it never arrived in Europe as far as I know.

There was an item over half a year ago ( that stated that the game only needed a good release date, but it seems since then everybody has forgotten about it. I haven't been able to find any new developments since then, so I've decided to direct my attention toward you, nintendo life community, to ask whether any of you guys know more on the subject, and whether I am the only one still hoping for a European eShop release.



don't hold ur breath. nintendo is being run by a bunch of old idiots who doesn't know how to make money even if they where able to perfectly see the future. I've given completly up on them. Which is why sold my old 3ds and I bought a used 3ds xl because I don't want to support them, And I get to play cave story aswell. Unless there are some games u really are into playing online I would just recommend to stop giving a doggiepoopie about nintendo. Because I've waited for almost 3 years now for them to get their heads out of their donkeys and they won't stop. If they ever decid to release all the nes snes gb, gba ds games on the eshop then I will start supporting them again.
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@christian90z Nintendo has nothing to do with this. The publisher Nicalis has yet to send the game to Europe.

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I honestly wouldn't get your hopes up. If you look around on forums many fans have bugged Nicalis about it, and they just say "It's coming soon" or something like that. Even though Nicalis is good about publishing indie games, they don't have the greatest reputation for delivering what they promise. They also hideously overcharge for the games they publish, and really have no justification for it. They aren't a consumer friendly eShop publisher, so I'd say you should just play it on steam if you can.

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I also waited for a 3DS release, or even a DS release to be here in the UK. Eventually I got Cave Story+ in a Humble Bundle though, so it ended up working out for the best. It's an amazing game, and a definite favourite of mine. I'd recommend just getting Cave Story+ if you do play games on the PC. You can probably pick it up cheaply in a sale, and it's the best version out there.

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I Live in the US and have been boycotting any present and future Nicalis Releases until Cave Story is Released in Europe. The Boycott continues!

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