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I've been trying to play the Fire Emblem lately but it just simply won't work. I've redownloaded it multiple times but it doesn't make a difference and by the looks of it, it seems to download properly. Each time I try to start the demo up the screen goes black and says an error has occured and that I need to switch my system off. It keeps doing this no matter what I try. I'd really like to check this game out and any help or advice would be appreciated.



I say just buy the game.

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I don't have anything to say that can help, but you REALLY can't go wrong with Awakening. Just in case though, I would buy physical in case the full download version has problems as well. I would also buy used if possible, if a worse case scenario would occur and your 3DS just refuses to play the game. That way you can just sent the game back for a full refund instead of loosing money selling a new game as used.

Or you can try it out on a friend's 3DS, either works. If they have a physical version, put it in your 3DS just to check the unit is ok.

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The reasons why it doesn't work is because the latest update screwed it up, but this was a while ago, i think it works now, and if it doesn't just redownload it again

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