Topic: Bomb Monkey is Announced by Renegade Kid!

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It looks like Bomb Monkey will be Renegade Kid's next Nintendo 3DS e-shop game!
There's not much information about it besides the fact that it will probably be a puzzle genre title.

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o, i didnt notice this was posted a few days ago, i thought this was a new thread, and there was an older one. Sorry~

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I'm surprised that we all went ballistic over an elongated paragraph in NP about an improved version of Cave Story+ but didn't even notice the 2 pages this game got in it ...

Anyway, according to the article it's gonna be a falling-block puzzler where you hold the system on its side (so no 3D effect for this one) and control a monkey who throws down blocks (and occasionally bombs) to clear groups of like-colored blocks. It sounds very Tetris-y and Planet Puzzle League-y to me, so I'm not sure about this one, but I've got it on my radar. There's also an interview with Jools Watsham in it which I have read yet, so I'll be back (eventually) to give any more about this one that's hidden in the interview.

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Well, according to this we're getting Bomb Monkey next week here in NA. Anyone else excited for this?

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I want to be. I just don't know tho



I won't be getting it. Just not a big fan of puzzlers (I got, and enjoy, Pushmo & GB Tetris, but I havn't bought Art of Balance TOUCH! or Ketzal's Corridors yet, and both of those would come first for me if I ever need a new puzzler).


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If it's about as addictively challenging as Mudds, I'm buying it. Seeing a retro-difficulty Puzzle game would be a first.

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