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I guess since this isn't out in EU yet, the game doesn't appear to be getting much attention here on Nintendolife. How is everyone enjoying it? I personally am loving it. Played the multiplayer with my brother last night, and it was a ton of fun.

Anyone else enjoying it? Anybody got any awesome highscores?

So far my highest on Endless mode is level 14, 725 Bloks, with a score of 234800. I keep losing at level 13 so I think it will be a while before I beat that score.


i dont get the game. chain colors dont have much impact, and the special arrow blocks do all the work for you. if they have used the top screen to show more information like the upcoming blocks or something that allow some kind of planning the game could be much better. the way it is seems a dull exercise of random double tapping (dont make sense touch the screen twice for just drop a single block). at some point i played the game whithout looking the screen just tapping like crazy and reached at level 10 (true story!). for me that is no real puzzle game here, its more like a luck game.



Once you hit about level 7 though, you really need to focus on placing similarly colored blocks together and then using arrow blocks in order to clear a lot at one time. The real challenge becomes placing the arrow blocks and chains in such a way that you end up clearing entire screens at once. It's true that luck is a big factor, but it's not dependent on luck either. I consider it to be the same kind of puzzle game Dr. Mario or Puyo-Puyo is. I think the comparisons people keep making to Tetris are incorrect. The idea is to set up the blocks do you get the longest chains possible, even though you don't know what blocks are coming up, it is still entirely do-able.

Also, it's not twice to drop a block: you're hitting it twice because the first tap moves the monkey into position and the second drops the bomb. I just use the directional buttons though.

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I'm really enjoying Bomb Monkey. What surprises me is its exclusion of certain obvious features that many puzzle games have, such as informing of high score and viewing the high score while playing, aren't bothering me and I'm appreciating the experience out of fun more than most score based puzzle games I've played. Bomb Monkey has an additional edge in being very charming, and I'm personally glad that the game only features that dancing monkey on the top screen. The simplicity of the controls is great, and I have no problem playing both left and right handed using the d-pad. I can't say that for another game. I'm also proud that a developer actually released a game that is 3D-less while playing. There's potential for the system that's prohibited by 3D, and I hope Renegade Kid or another developer explore those alternatives.

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I don't think making the monkey pop out of the screen in 3D would've added to the experience in any form whatsoever, but it certainly wouldn't have hindered it either. I simply think adding it would've made some complainers stop talking.

I have yet to try this game, and honestly I can't see myself purchasing this without either a demo or the addition of online boards since it's 3DSWare.

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