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Who has Bomb Monkey? I am thinking about purchasing it. I really enjoy classic puzzle games, and I have quickly become a huge fan of Renegade Kid games! Thanks!

UPDATE: I purchased Bomb Monkey. It is awesome!

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I have Bomb Monkey, I got it the first day it came out, it's a fun puzzle game, where you're not just a monkey, but a BOMB MONKEY, basically, you throw bombs at blocks and make them explode, it's a fun game, and if you have a friend, then you can share the same 3DS to play multiplayer mode, you should read the NintendoLife review for more information about the game, (Also, there's no 3D in the game, but it's not really needed in a game like this)

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How about a European release???
I'd prefer ATV first though, RK.



I also got this game the first day it came out and I absolutely love it! It's pretty addictive, and also great to have handy for when you want to play a quick game (There's a "3-Minute" mode for those times when you just want something to do for a short time). Also, the multiplayer is RIDICULOUSLY fun. Like... people don't seem to realize just how much fun the multiplayer is in this game. My brother and I have played it for hours on end.

One thing to be wary of, is that a lot of people feel it is "unfair" at certain points - because you can't tell what blocks or bombs are coming up next, a lot of players feel they can't plan ahead. I personally disagree with this - I would compare the difficulty to GameBoy Tetris, where you also can't see too far ahead what is coming up next, yet people still love that game. There are times where the screen will be full of blocks and you just seem to never be getting a bomb - and without bombs you can't really do much, though any time this has ever happened to me I've ALWAYS felt like there was something I could have done earlier with a bomb that would have made things work out better for me - I've never felt like the game unfairly killed me, like some people seem to.

TL;DR: It's awesome, more people should get it, and be sure to peer pressure someone into playing the multiplayer with you sometime!

@CrimsonFire13: Just in case you plan to ask, mine's also Level 15, 388800, 1099 blocks.


I purchased Bomb Monkey! It is very fun!


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i enjoy this game as well. i wish it had online leaderboard

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This game needs more attention! It is very fun and addictive!


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