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I know I am going to download Zelda because I like to have everything on my 3DS easily accessible. I cannot play it for a couple weeks so I do not need to download it now. I am wondering if there are ever deals in the eShop around this time that I would need to wait to download it?

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Only deal I remember their ever being on a retail game on the eshop was Ocarina of Time at 50% off and that was ages after it came out.

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Um, Cyber Monday? That sounds right up my alley.

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I believe that escapeVektor is on sale right now for $6.99 USD (normally $9.99 USD). I also believe one of Teyon's games are on sale.
As for a retail download, I don't believe any are on sale.



Im new to a 3DS during the holidays so i dont know, only deals i have seen was Monster Hunter being 19.99 and Castlevania but those where not during the holidays.

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