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I think my highest is like 14k now, I'm not sure... but yeah, this game is actually pretty easy once you've learned where the birds will be so you can increase your multiplier. Fun but gets kinda stale for me after a while.

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I just want you all to know that I break into cold sweats whenever I see bezerker has responded to this topic again.




I have been playing for 5 minutes and my highest score is 2191... You truly are a god of Bird Mania @bezerker99.
I had my doubts and I kept resisting buying it, I eventually caved in and I'm rather enjoying it.

If this would have been a smart phone game it wouldn't have been as fun.
Why? You'll have your finger in the way.

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oh man...thar be good. for me im at 1478 or sometin like tht



C-Olimar wrote:

@Krimbatize nah, it's impossible to get the really high scores without multipliers.

Huh? Please read my post again.

I said avoid BEES because they drop your multiplayer. I didn't know they did at first.

Obviously I wasn't suggesting you avoid hitting the other birds.

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Krimbatize wrote:

...avoid enemies rather than hitting them...

That's what I was referring to. I consider the birds to be enemies.



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bezerker99 wrote:

New High Score - first time playing the game in weeks, felt good to be back in the saddle again


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I bought the game today, I love it, so I'm getting into the fun here. My best score right now is 2,970. I'm something like 1/160th of the way to tying zerk's score! yes!

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Got the game a few days ago and my high score so far is 28,634.

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Ask teyon. I mean, they made the game so they should know... Right?

Meowph, that's right!

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