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I had $2 on my account and couldn't think of any 200 point DSiWare games that I didn't already have or didn't want, so I downloaded this. It isn't great, but its also not bad. I personally like the cartoony artstyle as well as the subtle 3D (although, as others have said, I would have thought it would have been more pronounced with 3D being in the name. The gameplay, while simple, is fairly fun (its fun in the same kind of way as a Game n Watch game). The controls feel a little slippery to me, but I think I'll adjust. Overall, there are far worse things on eShop you could spend your $2 on.

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For 2$ it's worth it. It's a quick arcade feeling game,it doesn't need depth. Sure it lacks the content most eShop games have but its still fun. I'd give it 7/10. The controls are responsive and it looks nice.

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I just bought it, and it's AMAZING! It's pretty much a rip-off of Jetpack Joyride, but is that a bad thing? Totally worth 2 bucks.



Well if it's good I might get it I mean 2 bucks is nothing and if it's good for short bursts of entertainment while I wait on the bus then why not? Just waitin for a NL review.

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The NL review is here. After that, I changed my mind on it for a little bit...


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dark-insanity wrote:

i need to play this again,i was playing with the d-pad and people are saying its easier with the stylus,so i need to beat my score

Haven't tried D-pad, but I first played the game with the circle pad. It worked, but for some reason I felt like trying out the stylus controls. They're so much better! The stylus controls are faster and more responsive. I can't go back to using any other form of control for this game now! I beat my high score I set using the circle pad when using the stylus.


Is the one continuous level randomized, or does it seem to have some sort of consistency to it?

It would be nice if it's all randomized, that might be the last detail I need to know to make me purchase this...

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From what I've played of it, it is kind of a combination. You'll see the same patterns or segments, but they won't necessarily be in the same order.

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VVVVVV SPOILERS! If you're thinking about getting Bird Mania because there is no other short time waster on eShop, remember VVVVVV also has an 'endless runner' mode. Of course you have to collect all 20 shiny trinkets to unlock it. So if you already have VVVVVV (or undoubtedly are planning on getting it), it offers a great endless runner mode as part of the package (which does it's job as a time killer perfectly), so Bird Mania might be a pointless expense (even if it's only $2). BTW, the mode is the Super Gravitron in the Secret Lab. SPOILERS END.

With that said, Bird Mania appears to be a well made game, so if you just really love the endless runner genre, or if you don't plan on getting VVVVVV, go for it


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I just downloaded it and I must say it's totally worth the 2 bucks. I'm not very good at it though!

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I downloaded it!
It really is fun and the music is great.
And yeah, the touch controls are the best option.

I think I can now forgive Teyon for that vampire game.

By the way, for those who think the game has only one save slot, it is not a save slot, is just a name space for the highscores; if someone else wants to play, they just need to change the name.

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And here's my review:

The basic gist of it is that the game is fun, but the game feels like it needs a bit more of everything.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

In the press release it says there is unlockables. I see no unlockables what so ever.

I'm guessing you mean this line:

"Over 20 achievements and extra bonuses to unlock"

They probably just meant to say "over 20 achievements to unlock". Unless there are real unlockables we don't know about (doubt it).

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You should get 20 Club Nintendo coins for this like all other 3D downloads, so it's almost worth downloading just for the coins, lol. I'll probably download it eventually.

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