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as of right now,in the eshop this game is coming soon to the eshop,it looks nice and in its description it says addictive,achievements,and long hours of game play for the low price of $1.99(making it the most cheap 3ds ware by far) so your thoughs
impressions,your high score

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I'm not totally sure what to think....It could be interesting but I really wish it had a trailer on its page in the eShop. For 2 bucks though, chances are good that I'll give it a look.

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It's hard to tell what type of game it is from the pics (it looks like a 'collect (x) while avoiding (y) for as long as you can' type of game, so "long hours of game play" is probably relative to how good you are at it), but for just $2 it might be worth a blind buy. At least that's what they're probably hoping a lot of people think.

I'm not gonna assume it's crap just because it's cheap though. A lot of my favorite DSiWare games came out at the $2 price point (Aura-Aura Climber, Don't Cross the Line, Escapee GO!, and Spotto all come to mind) so hopefully that trend can continue with 3DSWare.



It looks fun, but it's also by Teyon... I'll keep an eye on it though, you never know.

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I can't wait when Chicken Brutus reviews this game.

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Those screenshots on the eShop look very Jetpack Joyride-esque to me (I have no way of knowing for sure, I've never played it). Also, since Teyon's developing it, I'm pretty skeptical of it.

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At least we are seeing more eShop games, good OR bad, and DSiware developers are moving over.

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Uhh.. 2 bucks for a 3DSWare game... that looks like an Angry Birds clone but isn't? Count me in! I just played this also for about 10 minutes and basically, the premise: You fly MoJo (the bird) through stages and clouds, collecting stars and balloons, avoiding enemy birds and obstacles. So far, it's fun! You have a high score board and it follows your achievements. Pretty well built for such a price. The 3D could always be better, but this game is fun so I don't care! So far I would score this one past the 7 mark.

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Sounds like it's pretty good value for the price.
I'll probably download it when it makes it to the PAL regions.


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What are the controls? I'm guessing L or R is attack as stated above does it use the stylus at all?

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Wait so is the R button needed to play or can you just use the L button?

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Ok thanks I will probably download Bird Mania later today.

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