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A endless runner based on the cartoon series exclusive to the nintendo video by college humour, it comes out may 2nd in NA. In my opinion it's alright but do we need another endless runner?


The Bear Shark videos have always kinda annoyed me

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Well where I live it is $4.04 (what is with the random numbers lately?) and the video which is SUPPOSE to show gameplay is just animation....

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I would have thought about it at $2

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I kinda thought the images looked too plain to be a finished 3DS game. Who knows though, it may be fun.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Based on the gameplay footage below, this game looks rather disappointing imo.

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KodyWB-98 wrote:

Based on the gameplay footage below, this game looks rather disappointing imo.

That's $4!?

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KodyWB-98 wrote:

Based on the gameplay footage below, this game looks rather disappointing imo.

Yep looks really poor, if you need an endless runner off the eShop get Bird Mania 3D. Not only is it cheaper it looks and plays way better than this. I will be staying far from this stinker.

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I'm surprised it's $4. Seems like it should be $2 at most.

There already is a good endless runner game that randomizes obstacles as it goes--Bird Mania 3D. And it's only $2! Get that one instead.

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That game looks horrible and the guy playing put another nail in the game coffin.

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Yup, just as I expected from a cash in made this quickly. And to think they'd charge $4 for this boggles me when there are $2 titles on the service that offer much more depth. Heck there are even better endless runner Flash based games that are free.

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I'll get it if it goes on sale for cheaper, but I'll be spending the money I was going to use on this for Crazy Construction instead.

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I like the animations, so I'll buy it if it goes on sale.



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