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I am very hurt and upset right now. On April 12th in your forum for requests, etc I asked if the number of blocks for 3DS download games could be listed. I checked every single day for a response. Got none. Yesterday I asked here and got an answer of "check the eshop". Well the eshop lists prices too but you list it here.
Still no direct answer.

Four days ago I asked if you could review Classic Card and Puzzle Games by Telegames which is a download and retail game. No answer as simple as "no we won't", "we will consider it" or "yes". Thats all I wanted.

I feel like you don't care about requests made. I found the answer "look at eshop" flippant since you list prices as well as eshop.

I feel very hurt and feel like the staff here really does not care at all about making simple responses to requests.



Well if you posted in the appropriate topic you may have gotten an appropriate response.


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If you wish to contact the staff directly, please due so with the contact form. The editorial staff rarely checks the forums. Good luck!

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LzQuacker wrote:

If you wish to contact the staff directly, please due so with the contact form. The editorial staff rarely checks the forums. Good luck!

Then what is the feedback forum for? Its purpose is suppose to be for staff to answer and respond to requests and ideas.

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If you look at the description for the Feedback section of the forums, Eisenbolan, you'll see it clearly states the following:

Like something about Nintendo Life? Hate something about Nintendo Life? Tell us here.

You'll note that nowhere do we guarantee you'll receive a personal handwritten response or anything, it's just the appropriate section of the forums for you to sound off if you have any pressing issues. I'm afraid lz is correct — the editorial staff rarely have time to check the forums. We apologize if that bothers you, but there's not much we can do about it.

As for the answer to your question (regarding a request for any game review, really) a couple years back we had an active thread here where users were putting forth game review suggestions. If you'd like to revive that thread with your own suggestion(s), you're more than welcome to do so, but you'll note that there's a lot of games in there that our users would probably still like for us to review, and we've only got so much time in our day, y'know? We can't make any promises or guarantees. Perhaps you could try starting a thread about that particular game in the 3DS section to see if anyone took the plunge and could share their thoughts with you about it. Good luck!

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