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So I've already done a multitude of online suggestions on how to do this level, however none of them seem to work; even the solutions that work on the wiiware version seem to not have any sort of positive outcome. So if you own the game and have the solution for me please respond below because NOTHING I'VE FOUND ONLINE seems to be a working solution on the 3DS version. Thanks!



1. Put the glass block so the flat bit is facing upwards.
2. Put the L shaped one vertically on top of it, with so it looks like a backwards L.
3. Put the + block on top of the L block. Put it so it looks like a + and not an X.
4. Put the really long block vertically on top of that. It may be hard balancing it, but keep trying!
5. Finally, put the triangle block tall-ways on top of it. Again, it may be hard to balance.



For future reference:

I don't even know if this guy is active anymore, but he's the only one I saw who did any AoB: Touch walkthroughs, a must for those last 4 worlds at times.

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