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@Waann: thanks. Found it while I was rummaging through some folders, from around the time of the 2nd semester app release. It's interesting to hear how other people are using both apps though, even using both in one painting. Yeah, sometimes I wished NAA had layers like C3D, changing backgrounds at the last minute makes it a chore to keep the edges of the subject clean. Then again, simulating masks (liquid or otherwise) would probably have been too much for the app.

Thanks for the heads up about the C3D update, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Sorry to hear Inchworm Animation isn't in the JP eShop ... in a way it surprises me how JP can have so many stellar 3DS titles and these two just happen to not make the cut. At least you get the Art Academy DLCs first, lol.



It's actually good they don't get certain games in Japan, we in America get a LOT of shovelware as do they probably, but us more so, the only titles I think they'd miss out on is mighty series, VVVVVV, Night Sky, and cave story + (then again they have DSiWare but still)
I have a ton of Jp only eShop wishes: Harmo Knight, Denpa Men 2, Bravley Defult, and of course a ton of VC that we don't have yet I wish I could change my eShop

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^Denpa Men 2 is confirmed for a western release, & Harmo Knight is a 1st party release, so it's only a matter of when, not if, they'll make it over.

The only eShop games I'd be worried about, is if you were wanting a certain Arc System Works, Silver Star Japan, or Intense developed game (of which you haven't mentioned). We get games from all three developers, but not very often, and often in a much different order than when they were released in Japan (if at all).

If the only eShop titles you're interested in are the big names (as you seem to be), you've got nothing to worry about (from the current track record).

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Barbiegurl777 wrote:

I have both new art academy & colors 3d but to be honest I like new art academy just a smidge better. I do like colors 3d I just didn't like the atmosphere on there with people posting perverted drawing's/painting's all the time that was the only turn off for me. Besides from that colors 3d in it's self is actually a very cool app when it comes to drawing etc.

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You can save them as regular images and post via browser. Yeah, people forget to label their painting 18+....


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