Topic: Are there any virtual pet games on the eShop?

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I can't find anything, but i must have glossed over something. All i saw was that stupid 101 Pet Sharks game which didn't feel like a virtual pet game at all. looking for something more tamagotchi style. If anyone is aware of such a game please let me know. Thanks for reading.



I don't think there's anything worth getting there. The only way to get a decent virtual pet game would be to make one in Petit Computer, which would take a very long time.
But hey, there's always Nintendogs, and there's a demo on the eShop. It's not Tamagachi, but it's a virtual pet game for sure.

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I have for DSiware:

Petz Hamster's
Petz Kitten's
Zoo Frenzy
Me & My Dogs: Friends Forever
Littlest Pet Shop

These are good pet games sorry about adding zoo frenzy not sure if that count's as a pet game or not but have alway's liked the game.

The above games are all pretty fun I got good use out of them.

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bezerker99 wrote:

If only Seaman 3DS would hurry up and get released. Not to digress here but........Seaman for 3DS is still coming out, right????

I think that was just a rumor, and has since been debunked.

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i just order myself a tamagotchi connection lol. i will look into all your suggestions, particularly "Me & My Dogs: Friends Forever." i want a pet that actually needs me. nintendogs just didnt give me that sense of responsibility. i do have it and played it for about 3 months.



There's also 101 Shark Pets and 101 Dolphin Pets... And Hello Flowerz if you count plants as pets.

Meowph, that's right!

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Dragon crystal has a mini pet sim in it. The better you do, the more your dragon grows.

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bezerker99 wrote:

If only Seaman 3DS would hurry up and get released. Not to digress here but........Seaman for 3DS is still coming out, right????

I really want a new Seaman game too. I don't think anyone said it was confirmed or debunked.



Just buy "Nintendogs & Friends" for the 3DS (includes Cats!) from, the prices are pretty cheap now. I got Dachsund and Friends for 3DS for under $20 on Amazon! Cheaper and much much more content than those stupid Petz games. I've tried em, they suck.

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