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I'm down in NZ for holiday. I saw special eshop cards here that aren't sold in Germany. I went to Gamestop, but as always, if u ask them any question, they said they don't know if I can use New Zealand Eshop Cards on my german 3DS or Wii.
It says 30 NZ$ or 1600 Nintendo Points. Are these Cards Region free??? Can I buy them and redeem the money??? Would it redeem in € then??? If it doesn't work with the 3DS, would it work with my Wii??? Nintendopoints are global currency....

I collect those special cards, but wouldn't buy them if they don't work... 30NZ$ for a piece of plastic is too much...


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They may work on your Wii (the Wii cards) because it's still PAL, but don't quote me on that.

Also they're cheaper in Aus... everything is...

and bleh NZ

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I'm pretty sure the cards are region-locked — i know you have to have PAL-region points cards for your PAL-region device, same for JP and NA Nintendo consoles that use points cards. as for same-region cards, if nothing else you might be able to switch your country and redeem the points that way. pretty sure i've seen people discussing switching countries from AUS to EU (or vice versa?) to pick up games that have maybe been released in one area and not the other, but don't quote me on that because i've never really been in a position to try it for myself :3

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the are not region free, Australia NZ have another server than europe pal, you can use Nintendo points cards from all over europe on German wiis or dsi but the 3ds(Eshop cards) is even more region locked and accepts only german card on german consoles (the 3ds cards are validated by scanning them on terminals in stores so the are bound to that country not like the nintendo points which are pre registratet(btw eshop cards use another payment provider like the cellfone prepaid cards,

its like the code is added to the database by purchasing it

I purchsed 1 @rewe and 1 @gamestop and tried it on a friends wii in austria and they didnt work but home in germany they worked on my wii and 3ds
so eshop cards re region locked

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too bad... but thanks for the answers, I won't get those eshop cards then

@aviator oz is way more expensive than anywhere else... 9.99 AUS$ for the official Nintendomagazine... yeah right... no magazine cost that much money in europe... 99$ for a beach pants, I just bought beach pants for 80 NZ$...
And blacks sent wallabies back home ;-P


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I'd also be surprised if the cards are not "currency" locked. ie, if you buy a card in France for 5 Euros, I expect you won't be able to add it to a 3DS account configured for UK £.

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