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A new trailer of Aqua Moto Racing 3D have been released yesterday on Youtube :
The game is made by Zordix :

The trailer is looking good. I was excepting worst.
On the positive side, it seems to get his inspiration from Wave Race 64. And its looking decent, considering it's an eShop title. We have to see about the pricing. Compared to ATV Wild Ride 3D, graphically at least, it seems a better.
No idea about content and gameplay however. Framerate is hard to judge also on a Youtube video.
On the negative side, though I know the 3DS isn't a huge powerhouse, the lightnings and shadows seems rudimentary and some wet effects would have been appreciated.
I'm intrigued by this game, in a good way. But as I'm waiting for a proper Wave Race 64 sequel on 3DS, I'm afraid I will be disappointed in the end, since this game seems to be a small budget title.
Looking forward to it.

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