Topic: anyone want a new zombie survival title (3DS)

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well it seems theres a new zombie game coming to the eshop its coming to Japan first,it got a endless mode and missions,seems epic.

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I think they should either...
A) Make another Resident Evil for the 3DS (sequel, prequel, original, I don't care) and give it a survival mode while also adding the ability to use melee weapons that aren't your useless as #%@! knife.

B) Make a Zombie Survival game from the ground up for the 3DS eShop (3DSWare or DSiWare) with a third or first person perspective and the whole game is a survival mode where you try to last as long as possible.

For both of these, there would be online and local multiplayer (up to four people), areas as big as those in Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D, and unlockable weapons. However, there would be no levelling system so that the danger was "real" every time unlike Raid Mode in Resident Evil Revelations.

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The new zombie eShop game sounds interesting, but I'm not expecting much considering the lacklustre screenshots.


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SkywardLink98 wrote:

What about an open zombie survival Resident Evil, without levels that's infinite as you slowly build up a shelter, gather supplies and rescue fellow survivors?

Basically the Day Z mod then.

I wouldn't mind something like that really, an open ended world with forests and towns or cities to explore. Be quite interesting to play actually, but I think I'd prefer a third person view rather than over the top, gives you some extra realism in my opinion.

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