Topic: Anyone else interested in Dot Runner: Complete Edition that comes out later today?

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I liked Pic Dun so I am interested in seeing if Dot Runner: Complete Edition will be any good. When it comes out later today I will wait for some impressions/reviews first before downloading it to see if it's any good.

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Wasn't the original Pic Dun a first person RPG of sorts? If so, it's kind of odd that this new game is more of a 3D Pac-Man (I would have probably gotten it if it was more of an RPG like the original, and had used the same art style as the original). I'm still not sure that I won't get it, but now I'll need some reviews.


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Got Dot Runner but never actually tried Picdun but after seeing some videos, I know they are two drastically different games like comparing Pacman to Shin Megami Tensei. The game is basically a strategy maze game (think Pacman moving manually) with some elements of a First person dungeon crawler that relies on quick reflexes if you are aiming for a higher ranking. The objectives of each stage is to defeat all the enemies shown on the map while collecting all the coins by going through some tubes. The enemies can only be defeated if you gather your party member who's trapped inside the maze or by collecting a power up. The battles here are automatic so don't expect a battle system unlike Picdun.

The game is gorgeous, sure I would have preferred the charming anime visuals of Picdun, but the game sports a snazzy Tron-esque vibe and the 3D polygonal models are smooth and refined, if not a little bit too shiny. I'm currently digging the game so far, but I really didn't like that they forced a tacked on story here, it just felt like it deviated from the fast paced experienced. I also didn't like that they forced you to use the 3DS' D pad as there is no Circle pad control. I'm willing to look past those issues since but I fear for the game to get repetitive later on. I only played 4 worlds (2 from the first story line and 2 from the other) and most of the stages has you doing the same objectives.

tl;dr Dot Runner focuses more on maneuvering through the stages and collecting the shinies as opposed to Picdun's RPG-esque exploration and battle. I recommend it to you if you like Fast paced games preferable in quick play sessions.

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I want the game but waiting for a review to be sure



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