Topic: Any christmas or new year sale in eshop?

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I have like $70 in eshop, but any of those games in eshop are attractive to me,
so i think maybe a price drop convince me to purchase some games. I don't like actual price drop games
My wish list are: Harvest moon a new beginning and fantasy life(this game isn't released yet in us)



There is a MadAussie super duper mega eShop sale happening right now and only lasts for 60 seconds. All Game Boy, NES & SNES games are valued how they should be at 30 cents each... Sorry it just finished so you missed out



@MAB Aww dang it man! When they going have another sales like that?

Umm… Care to have some gravy?


@Super_Gravy Only when the WiiW arrives they will charge you to download the same drip fed Nintendo games all over again



5 of the Guild Titles are on sale on the 3DS now till Jan. 2nd if that counts.

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