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I had purchased Animal Crossing New Leaf originally on the 3ds eshop, played it, enjoyed it, then uninstalled it for a new game. (Not much storage space on my 3ds lul). I wanted to play it again because I had never got the golden tools, so I went to redownload it. I found that because of the "Welcome Amiibo" update, Nintendo expected me to pay $19.99 USD for a game i had originally payed full price for 2 years prior. Can anyone offer any help on this? I know $19.99 USD isn't very much for a full game but I had already purchased the game and want to re-play it for FREE. Like every other eshop game. I have emailed Nintendo but no response. Any help is appreciated.



Welcome Amiibo is a free update to the old game, but later copies of the game will say Welcome Amiibo in the title (in the system menu, when you streetpass someone, etc) and have a slightly different icon. So it treats them as separate games even though they can become identical in terms of gameplay through a free update.

Did you look in the games you've downloaded section? It should be in there.

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hmm, i'll try that.



Thanks so much man! I really appreciate the help!



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