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So I was on qubic games website and noticed the added sketches of what the game would look like. And also I watched gamexplains 7 minutes of ikachan gameplay, it looked very good.... And the controls and graphics( ya, still a 3ds) were surprisingly good! If any of yo have details, rumors, or added information I may not know, please tell! Oh, and if qubic games could answer my airace questions I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.

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anybody know something about that C.O.R.E. fps on qubic's site? i never heared of that game but it looks incredible

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

anybody know something about that C.O.R.E. fps on qubic's site? i never heared of that game but it looks incredible

I remember hearing about that game years ago (it was for the original DS), but I never played it. It's pretty surprising to hear that it was made by the same people who made the Gnomz games!



@6ch6ris6 - I remember C.O.R.E. And from what I remember, it wasn't that great of a fps, even if you could host 4-player Download Play matches with just one card. I think the NP review (or Gamespot, those are the only ones I recall) for it mentions a bad campaign full of confusing directives, poor controls, claustrophobic multiplayer maps, etc. Just that it isn't a good game beyond being somewhat of a technological achievement.

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ya rayword45, i had already read your forum before i posted this one. and i was on there website dawdling around and stumbled upon an old [newer than your post] that had newer concept art that looked sunning! just imagine! playing online, with airplanes! OH GOD! this sounds fantastic.... i realy have to figure out how to get qubic games to tell me there price on that puppy. how awesome.......

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Since I'm too lazy to make Ikachan's own thread I'll say what needs to be said about the eshop release of Ikachan, the game itself is an interesting one. When you start the game, you can already count the similarities between Cave story, aka the game's spiritual successor. In terms of spritework, music, theme and progression, Ikachan was basically the stepping stone to Daisuke's aka Pixel's favored masterpiece. You play as a squid-like creature that must explore an underwater cave and solve the problems of its inhabitants. Your movement is initially similar to that of how Mario controls underwater in the SMB games, yet you gain new skills as the game progresses. Speaking of which, you can level up your character by eating fish scattered around the area or by beating the creatures that roam.

In its core, I enjoyed the game but it's hard to appreciate most of the key mechanics since the game ends too soon especially when you finally get the hang of maneuvering your character. In fact, most play throughs only last one hour, maybe even shorter if you're speeding through the game. For a free ware title, I enjoyed it for what it was and appreciated seeing how Cave story came to be. If you're interested in trying the game out, Here's the freeware version. Like cave story, ikachan has that charming visuals, sound track and characters, so any fans of Cave Story will most likely appreciate this title.

Is the game worth buying on the eshop though? Well it could be if it were priced lower. Aside from some minor art additions and the inclusion of S3D, the game is bare bones, no extra modes what-so ever (but what could you possibly extract from such a short game?) I was hoping that Nicalis would add in some extra filling that would give more beef in between the main buns of the game, especially after what they did with Cave Story. It's like being served an hors d'oeuvres after finishing your over garnished Beef Wellington. I have not regretted my purchase this game since I'm a sucker for retro games having the 3D treatment on the go, but for $5 you could do much better. If you like Cave story and want this piece of "history" on your 3DS while supporting Daisuke, Take a bite out of this game out after sampling the freeware title. Hopefully they add more effort into their next game, Guxt, another early title from Daisuke.

tl;dr try the freeware game first on the link provided and decide if you're willing to drop $5 for having that same game on you 3DS with subtle additions.

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thanks, i just got the game on thursday, its realy short, ughh.

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