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What 3DSWare games would you like to see? Personally, I'd like to see:
-Some popular iPhone games
-Some DSiWare sequels
-DLC for certain games (Imagine a Pilotwings Cotent Pack or Street Fighter DLC)
-Downloadable themes to personalize your menu screen
-Downloadable AR Games (Which we'll probably see somewhere down the line)

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Personally, I hope the popular iPhone games are the ones worth the money, time and are actually good. What I do wish is that they bring Ice Climbers back with an all multiplayer sequel- or even Mario Bros.

That'd be WICKED fun!

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A cheaper version of Tetris Axis and a new Rage of the Gladiator would be cool. In general I'm just hoping to see more 3DS games take the 3DSWare than retail route.

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Ah! Quality dlc for 3DS games would be a dream come true- That is, only if they don't
rob the actual game of any content Borderlands.

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another mario vs donkey kong
mario bros remake

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I want that Pac-Man XBL game from 07.
I also think we should get MK 3DS tracks later on, and more content for the Miis

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Seriously, though, they really needed something to compensate for the lack of a GBA slot. Besides, there are a couple of GBA games I really want, and I don't have anything that can play GBA games
EDIT: Actually I just realized that I ahould have posted this in the 3DS VC thread, but there isn't a wishlist there, so...yeah. Ah, whatever.

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If the 3DS has not been discontinued SM3DL and MK7 are awesome games, but if the 3DS has been discontinued Sony has taken over the world.It is not true that both Sony has taken over the world and SM3DL and MK7 are not awesome games.Therefore:Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are...


Yes!! Street Fighter DLC would be awesome, I hope it's free though. Man, if nintendo does this right, that $250 price tag for the 3DS is officially going to be worth it Oh yeah and netflix on it ASAP, I wanna watch movies while in class

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Graphics don't matter.


Art Style games are a must for 3D being so visually appealing.



Digger Dan & Kaboom, Digger Dan & Kaboom 2...


Tarted up versions of the GBA Metroid games.

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I would like Kawazu and team to make a new "My Life as a..." game for the 3DS but a port of both King and Darklord would be cool too(And get me to spend about £40 again!).

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All in all i just want them to release great content. No matter what it is and if some of it may not appeal to me.
That said as many demos as possible would be great.
And i think it would be a good idea to release an application like Personal Trainer: Walking to really motivate you and to get a true sense for the steps you take everyday.

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A new 2.5D Metroid game.

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Kat wrote:

A new 2.5D Metroid game.

I agree

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Super Meat Boy!



Kid icarus
Bit Trip Saga
Animal Crossing
But give me Monster Hunter 3ds and my life would be complete.

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X-scape sequel. Now that'd be awesome

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