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I feel as if like many others, that the new Flipnote should not have to cost money for worldwide, that's really absurd and makes Nintendo seem money-hungry. Although, I don't think my opinion will matter to Nintendo officials, so how about something else?

I think that users who are a registered Ambassador (First people to get a 3DS) should be able to use the online service for free, since these people have waited so long for Nintendo to release a FlipNote on 3DS, although we never wanted it to become a monthly payment service.. Yea sure, maybe it is a small amount per month, but Nintendo should know better than anybody that people can't go and just spend money. If Flipnote Hatena was able to handle flipnotes on Dsi for free, why not Nintendo? Makes you start to think.. Now when I got the 3ds, I traded in my DSi hoping and thinking that there was flipnote on 3DS and everything was fine, but turns out it was a long while before they started to develop it, and the fact that you have to pay for it now blows. All I want to do is share my flipnote and see others' flipnotes online. That shouldn't be something you need to pay for. Not to mention Nintendo would be basically bullying in a sort of way, "Users who post flipnotes who get a well liked response from the community will get a free month, free of charge. " Translations: If you can't draw good, you can't play. Nintendo tries to make the community a bully-free place but then does this rule without even noticing that by doing this, they would be singling out certain users who may not have the ability to draw as good as others, and this could possibly lead a controversy between Nintendo and Children's Parents. But if This post and everything I wrote was just completely disregarded, please make it a ability to use the online-service if you have at least Ambassador. Thanks all.




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All I want to figure out is...

When Miiverse comes to the 3DS, wouldn't you be able to add people you meet on Miiverse to your 3DS Friend List, and therefore bypass the whole "pay for world" thing? (Obviously not by much, but to an extent...)

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