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Rayman Origins 60/100. After being so used to the PS3 and Vita versions, the sound quality and blurrriness was dissapointing, the 3DS is able to handle sound quality well and the blurry graphics and sound quailty is on Ubisofts part. Was not going to buy this version either way as I already own two versions of the game.

Crush 3D 90/100. This really convinced me to buy this game, the gameplay was fun and at a cheap budget price, I am going to get this one.

Mario and Sonic London Olympics 75/100. The mini games were fun, but it does not look like a game I would pay $40, waiting for a price drop.

I have not tried the Kingdom Hearts and Order Up demos yet but I will in the near future.

I did not bother with Nintendogs,Mutant Mudds and Pyramids as I already own all three of the,.

Not going to bother with Lego Batman and The Amazing Spider Man at all though.



Resident Evil: Revelations: 10/10 - lots of content for a demo and a good showcase for the game play and graphics.
Cooking Mama: 6/10 - Never played any of this series of games so this was all new to me. The demo gave me a good understanding of the how the game works. Not a game i'd be interested in but it looked like a good option for the casual gamer.
Metal Gear Solid: 9/10 Again quite an impressive demo. Still not sure if there is enough there to justify byuing this on the 3DS when i could get a copy for PS2 for just a couple of quid.
Crushed: 8/10 - Good to see this in action as i wasn't too sure about this after reading reviews. The demo gave me a good idea of how the game works and looked like a really good game.
Rhythm Thief: 9/10 - Good, fun demo. Game looked really good.

Rayman: 6.5/10. 2 really good levels and that forced scrolling one, why put the most frustrating level in the whole game in your demo?
Mutant Mudds: 6/10 - really didn't click with me, if i find the demo levels too hard, i'm definitely passing on the game,
Nintendogs: 1/10 - hated it - good job it was short.
Farming Simulator: 1/10 - OK, I ploughed a field (zzzz...), then you're supposed to harvest and take your crops to market, how you do this is anybody's guess. Nothing at all is explained in the demo, what a waste of time.
Heroes of Ruin: 9/10 Another large demo. Played through as a brawler/melee tiger type character, will play again as the gun/ranged combat specialist. Not sure about the game as i don't do much on-line gaming.
FF Theatrerhythm: 8/10 - gameplay looked good fun, although the ultimate score difficulty was brutal.
Pyramids: 6/10 - OK Solomons Key update, not too bad, just that there are lots of better games i'd rather get first.

One I missed (how did i forget - given it's quite topical at the moment)
Mario & Sonic @ London 2012 Olympics: 6/10 - Well presented demo, each event was clearly explained before play and the controls in play were nice and responsive. I didn't find the design very exciting though, it felt more like a sequence of mini-games, which might be good fun in the short term but would lack long term appeal - will pass on the game

And one i only just got round to playing:
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance: 3/10 - Got off to a good start with a thorough explanation of the controls. As soon as i started to play the game, it all fell apart. The seemingly complex controls boil down to mindless button mashing - Y makes you jump all over the place, and once you get near an enemy repeatedly press A until they die - that was all i ever needed for the areas shown in the demo. I found some of the other elements confusing as i have not played any of this series of games before. What are those two wierd things following you round, at a certian point (after pressing a prompt on the touch screen) they turn into some sort of giant slug like creature... wierd. Anyway, was looking forward to trying this demo after reading some of the reviews, but the demo completely put me off.

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