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Resident Evil: 70/100
Cooking Mama: 1/100
Crush 3D: 30/100
Metal Gear Solid: 70/100

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You can also let us know what was good and bad about each demo if you so wish.

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Rating only the Demo...

Metal Gear Solid - 10/10 ~ Great Demo. Kept me coming back for more with plenty of ways to complete levels.
Heroes of Ruin - 9/10 ~ Limited but understandable usage, plenty to do with great multiplayer options.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy - 9/10 ~ Very good demo. The grading system was awesome.
Resident Evil Revelations - 9/10 ~ Very good. A tad short, but showed off a lot.
Dead or Alive: Dimensions - 8/10 ~ Great show of content, kept me coming back for more fights.
Rayman Origins - 8/10 ~ Fun stuff; enjoyed the difficult stage. Showed me how inferior this version is though.
Kingdom Hearts 3D - 7/10 ~ Good stuff, but I still dont care about the game.
Mario + Sonic: Olympic Games - 7/10 ~ Fun demo, too bad you cant just choose a certain minigame to play.
Farming Simulator - 7/10 ~ Alright, but there wasnt much focus. Had fun blocking cars on the road though.
Crushed 3D - 7/10 ~ Alright demo, but the game didnt excite me.
Rhythm Thief - 7/10 ~ Alright, but what a boring and ridiculous game.
Nintendogs - 6/10 ~ Nice demo, but not enough uses or time to play with the dogs.
Cooking Mama - 3/10 ~ With only one recipe, and the game being boring; meh.

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Resident Evil Revelations - 8/10
Metal Gear Solid 3D - 5/10
Mario and Sonic London Olympic Games - 6/10

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Cooking Mama - 4/10 - Strangely engrossing considering I'm actually a terrible cook... "better than momma's!" : /
Crushed - 6/10 - Fun as a demo, no inclination to buy though...
DOA Dimensions - 9/10 - Massively impressed by this, this game is fairly cheap in the shops, good idea to release demos of older games
Metal Gear Solid - 10/10 - Exactly what a demo should be about, throws you into the game, entices you, then leaves you salivating for more...
Nintendogs - 7/10 - Good grief, someone call the RSPCA, throwing boomerangs at puppies worryingly addictive...
Resident Evil - 8/10 - Good fun, is this a segment made just for a demo or part of the full game?

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Cooking Mama - 4/10 - Only one Thing to Cook. Seems like the same NDS game but with 3D
Metal Gear Solid - 9/10 - Good, easy to get int, 3D is imlemented well.
Rhythm Thief - 8.5/10 - Strangly addictive. Seems very polished.

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Nintendogs + Cats - 6 / 10
Crush 3D - 7.5 / 10
Pyramids - 7 / 10
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - 7 / 10
Resident Evil: Revelations - 9 / 10
Mutant Mudds - 8 / 10
Rayman Origins - 9 / 10
Order Up! - 8 / 10
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 6.5 / 10
The Amazing Spider Man - 8.5 / 10
Kingdom Hearts 3D - 9.5 / 10

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Order Up: 1/10
Crush 3D: 8/10
Mario & Sonic: 4/10
Rayman Origins: 7/10
Mutant Mudds: 9/10 (Most representative demo I've played)
MGS: 9/10
RE: 9/10

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Resident Evil: 9/10
Mario and Sonic: 7/10
Metal Gear 10/10
Mutant Mudds: 9/10
Pyramids: 3/10 (In all fairness, the gameplay looks bad)
Rayman Origins 8/10
Order Up: 9/10
Lego Batman: 7/10
Kingdom Hearts: 4/10
@Raywords: What was your problem with Order Up?

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Resident Evil: Revelations: 95/100
Most fun I've had out of a demo so far

Cooking Mama 4: 20/100
Terrible. One recipe and exactly the same as the DS games, bored me out of my mind.

Crush 3D: 50/100
No issues with the demo itself, but the game seems pretty boring.

Metal Gear Solid 3D: 70/100
It was a decent way to test out the game, but nothing too exciting

Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympics: 30/100
Pretty crappy, reaffirmed that there's no way I'm buying this.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions: 60/100
Pretty fun but very short, didn't convince me to get the game.

Rhythm Thief: 85/100
Had a really good time perfecting all the demo levels, nearly convinced me to buy the game.

Farming Simulator 2012: 75/100
I had no idea how to play the game and the on-screen instructions were horrible, but driving the tractors around with no idea what to do was quite entertaining (especially when I found the road).

Rayman Origins: 45/100
Shows how bad the 3DS port of the game is, would be much better off without letting people playing before buying.

Heroes of Ruin: 90/100
Enjoyable first shot at playing the game, and even allowed online play which was cool.

Theatrhythm FF: 90/100
Two stages with three difficulties, quite a lot of replayability to it. Has me pretty much convinced to buy the game when it comes out.

Kingdom Hearts: 55/100
The demo did a fairly good job of showing me the gameplay, but I found it pretty boring and it just reaffirmed that I'm not really interested in the game.

Haven't bothered with the Nintendogs or Pyramids demos.

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Theres a Theatrhythm FF demo?
I guess is didn't come out over here

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@LordJumpMad Yeah, just in the PAL regions at the moment I think.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

LordJumpMad wrote:

Theres a Theatrhythm FF demo?
I guess is didn't come out over here

I swear it is still Japan only, but I guess it's just missing in America.

Came out in the PAL regions after the Nintendo Direct, at the same time as Kingdom Hearts.

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  • Resident Evil 10/10 (played it again and again)
  • Metal Gear Solid 10/10 (same as above)
  • Pyramids 5/10 (had a decent amount of content, but the game was bland)
  • Mario & Sonic 7/10 (good length, and character diversity, but the game was very average)
  • Amazing Spider Man 7/10 (your average movie tie-in, nothing less, nothing more)
  • Rayman Origins 8/10 (three levels was much more than necessary, and the game was fun, just not for me)
  • Kingdom Hearts 10/10 (seems a bit short on the surface, but you can artificially lengthen it to your heart's content. Best demo since RE & MGS, IMO)

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Kyloctopus wrote:

@Raywords: What was your problem with Order Up?

We're rating the demo. I adore the game, but the demo is bland as tofu

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