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Im wondering why this forum never had shinobi threads. Is that franchise of some sort niche? Is it too hardcore , not liked enough in the west ?!

I finished now shinobi III even though at start i would have given it a score of 3/5 , since the controls felt so terrible compared to the 3ds shinobi.
I settled my peace abit more now. Since i replayed it more and more to learn more about the bosses and the gorgeous soundtrack, id give it a 4/5, but still im riddled why the controls couldnt have made better on the mega drive. The double jump especially seems artifically made hard to pull of to die more often. That even feels like an arcade game where it wants you to die quite often so you burn more coins in the slot machine. But no it is a home console title ...

Anyway i still enjoyed the title , i just tried to jump less and work more with block in the defensive fighting. Whats your favourite part / level or boss ?
My fav level is definitelly the surf level( not too sure if its round 4-1 ), the boss is the hardest out of all i think and needs spot on dodging, very smart designed as well with different phases. And the soundtrack in the surf level is just epic, its a famous shinobi song called whirlwind.
But ofc idaten is a wonderful song as well in level 2-1 . And idaten even got recycled for its epicness in level 5-1
I just noticed that on fifth playthrough ....

cheers happy new year

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Shinobi is my fave videogame ninja of all time... And no I didn't have any problems double jumping



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